Google Bikes l painting on an iPad

Google Bikes l painting on an iPad

Two main categories

Caroline's digital artwork is available in two main categories: 

Limited Edition Prints

As a limited edition print on any of the substrates listed under each painting. A full list of different types of substrates are included below. Each limited edition is personally signed, numbered and registered and a certificate of authenticity is sent with the print.

Limited Edition Digital Files

This comes to you as a numbered digital file with full rights of display on any electronic device, i.e. LCD TV, Electronic Frames etc.

What distinguishes iPad & iPhone art from other digital art? 

The answer is MOBILITY.  The iPad, along with other mobile devices such as iPhone or android phone and tablet, has a touch screen you can paint on directly, thus making it into a portable sketchpad or canvas. The main difference is that you are painting and drawing with pixels instead of physical media such as paint or graphite.

Because Caroline’s iPad artworks displayed on this website are digital,  they need either good electronic displays, or the image must be printed. Printing is available on a variety of different substrates, and Caroline has used many of them. A list of these can be found below.

Selecting the size and substrate

Each painting is displayed with the substrate options selected by artist along with three sizes: small, medium and large. 


Giclee canvas:  this is high quality printing technique on canvas. The canvas can be stretched or it can be mounted on a board and finished with a strong backing and hanger.

Giclee print on museum quality water color paper: This can be printed so you can frame the print, or it can also be mounted on a strong backing and given a coating to protect it and hung without need of framing.

Aluminum metal print: This can be done in different formats – high gloss, mid gloss or low luster. It can also be printed on raw aluminum or on a white background. Caroline will usually have one or other of these in mind for each piece she paints and will recommend it.

Dibond: This is a special material that was used by David Hockney for his own large exhibition prints. It has a matt finish and retains the high density of color you can obtain with iPad painting.

Wood: This has been used to print work and can be printed on raw wood or white coated.

Acrylic: This can be printed as a transparent print or a regular print.

Duratrans: This is a process of printing a huge positive transparency which then mounts into a light box.